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HIPAA Rules for Web Sites, Social Media, & Patient Review

Live Webinar | Paul R. Hales | Jun 07, 2023   01 : 00 PM EST | 60 Minutes |  5 Days Left
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Course Description

The Internet is flooded with highly visible, dangerous HIPAA violations committed unknowingly by healthcare providers on their websites, their Facebook pages, and in posting or responding to Patient Reviews about the quality of their healthcare services. These violations stem from well-intentioned attempts to stimulate patient engagement, attract new patients and improve a provider’s reputation in the community. It’s easy to do all of these things – and comply with a few important HIPAA Rules. Unfortunately, many providers don’t know those rules. And all too often they take advice from vendors who are great marketers but don’t know the rules either. Remember it’s the health care provider – not the marketing consultant – who is liable under HIPAA. Following some simple HIPAA compliance steps enables providers to engage patients effectively on the Internet and avoid risks associated with these highly visible violations.

Learning Objectives:-

  • Web Sites and Social Media subject to HIPAA Rules
  • Why following HIPAA Rules for Web Sites and Social Media is Vital
    • The Danger of Medical Identity Theft
  • HIPAA, Patient Reviews, and Reputation Management
    • What you may do
    • What you must not do

In sum: This webinar explains the HIPAA Safeguards that allow providers to continue effective Internet-based marketing and comply with HIPAA

Areas Covered:-

  • HIPAA Rules covering Web Sites and Social Media
    • Web Sites and Social Media pages subject to HIPAA Rules
    • Simple Web Site & Social Media HIPAA Safeguards
  • HIPAA Rules Covering Patient Reviews
    • Simple Patient Review HIPAA Safeguards

Why Should You Attend:-

Learn how to protect your organization by following simple administrative safeguards set out in the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Providers, large and small, depend on marketing for organizational growth and stability. The Internet and social media are today's marketplace where people find health care providers. Internet-based marketing and social media strategies that would be acceptable for hair salons or car dealerships are unacceptable for healthcare providers when they permit the identification of a patient. According to the HHS OIG, medical identity theft is the fastest-growing form of identity theft in the United States. Criminals can steal a patient’s identity with only two pieces of information – the identity of a patient and the identity of a provider. Check your organization’s Internet presence. If you can identify a patient, take this webinar.

Who Should Attend:-

  • Health Care Providers' HIPAA compliance officials
  • Health Care Provider staff tasked with practice growth, marketing, reputation, and image
  • In-house and outside health law counsel
  • Health Care Advertising, Marketing, and Social Media Consultants
  • C-suite and board of director members responsible for compliance oversight who likely are unaware of how to spot HIPAA violations by their organization on the Internet or simple solutions to avoid danger